Low cut dress fill

Sometimes a dress looks fine from eye-level. But when you look down, it’s too low-cut:

lowcut1   lowcut2

A higher neckline, however, looks good from any angle:

lowcut3   lowcut4

To make the alteration, cut 3″ off the bottom of the dress and use it to make a filler that is sewn into the neckline:

  1. Cut a 3″ strip off the bottom of the dress.
  2. Hem both long edges of the strip.
  3. Find the center of the strip (fold the material along the short edge), and stitch to gather.
  4. Hand-stitch the strip to the neckline, matching the center of the strip to the center of the dress, and shaping the strip to the dress as you go.

Note that this makeover does shorten the dress slightly, as you can see below:

lowcut5 lowcut6