Sleek Shrug Pattern

Everyone knows there are tons of spaghetti strap and strapless dresses out there. But did you know there’s a 30-minute, $5 way to wear them  and still cover your shoulders and back?

blue spaghetti strap dress   blue shrug front exampleblue shrug back example

If the dress is high enough in the front, this simple shrug might do the trick. And you can make it even if you’ve never sewn a stitch in your life!

You’ll need 1/4 to 1/2 yard of stretchy fabric (1/4 yard makes a tighter shrug; 1/2 yard makes a looser shrug that can be gathered in back – the shrug shown is looser).

1. Cut material to a 9″ by 45″ rectangle (tighter shrug) or an 18″ by 45″ rectangle (looser shrug).

2. Hem one of the 45″ sides.

3. Fold material in half along the shorter side, right sides together. Mark the fold with a pin, and sew the ends together to create a tube, as shown below:


4. Open the tube up and match the seam to the center point that you marked with pins (the right sides are still together). Stitch the unhemmed side together, leaving 6″ openings on both ends of the tube. (These openings will be the armholes).


5. Hem the openings (they will be the armholes).

6. Turn the shrug right side out. It should look like this:


7. Open the shrug by lifting up the long opening as shown:


8. Now the shrug should look like this. (The vertical center seam may be on the top or the bottom.)


9.  Put your shrug on by putting your arms through the armholes as shown.